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Patent Valuation for New Product Development and Licensing

Presented by: Laurence Pearson

Added on: Sep 11, 2009

Categories: Business Skills, R&D Methodology

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Get educated in patent valuation and licensing to avoid having to patent everything losing time and money.
Unless you are correctly guided, your patents won't be protected correctly.
This video by Laurence Pearson will enable you to avoid these common mistakes and learn how to put an economic value on your patents.

  • Learn from real-life examples about why certain patents are successful.

  • Get an expert overall approach to get the most out of your IP.
  • Why should I watch this video?

    This video aims to give the tools needed to value patents correctly, thereby saving a lot of time and money.
    Viewers will learn an overall approach to valuation and licensing and learn the monetary value of patents and how this affects negotiations later on.
    Our expert Laurence Pearson will guide you through real-life examples highlighting why some patents are successful and why certain patents are more valuable than others.

    The best product developers are those who know the patent field and develop valuable patentable products. This course will teach companies how to put an economic value on their patents for license negotiations and as part of their business development process.

    This video is not to be missed if you want to gain a clear overall approach to patent valuation and learn how to approach issues that might arise during negotiation.

    5 main reasons to buy this video:
    • Discover the key issues related to patents during product development.

    • Real-life example of the 'perfect patent' with expert explanation why.

    • Essential information to avoid making costly common mistakes.

    • Learn how to value a patent and how this affects licence negotiation.

    • Learn why certain patents are more valuable than others and why some patents lose value.

    Who will benefit from this video?

  • R&D professionals, Product Development Managers and Marketing Managers who wish to make strategic product development decisions based on the value of a patent portfolio.

  • New comers who are interested in a quick way to get up-to-speed with the significance of the IP in their area.
  • 1. Speaker Bio
    2. Introduction
    3. Why is IP important?
    4. Patent valuation
    5. Scenario analysis
    6. Royalty vs. cash flow estimation
    7. Steps in the valuation process
    8. Concluding comments
    9. Q&A session
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