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Ultraviolet (UV) Effects on Plastic Materials

Presented by: Jeffrey Jansen

Added on: Jan 10, 2011

Categories: Material Testing and Simulation, Formulation and Additives

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If you work with plastic components that are subject to outdoor exposure, this video will enhance your understanding of the interaction between UV radiation-based weathering and plastic resins, and help you prevent the components’ premature failure.

Topics covered include an introduction to UV degradation and an explanation of the failure mechanism characteristic of UV radiation/plastic interaction. Case studies associated with UV radiation exposure will be presented.

1. Speaker Bio
2. Introduction
3. Photo-oxidation mechanism
4. Materials: polypropylene, polyethylene, polycarbonate, nylon, PVC, polyester, acrylics, polyurethane
5. Stabilizers: UV absorption, quenching, hydroperoxide decomposition, free radical scavenging, hindered amine light stabilizers
6. Accelerated Weathering Testing: weather-ometer/Xenon-arc exposure, QUV chamber/Fluorescent tube, SEPAP Chamber/ Mercury lamp
7. Factors in plastic component failure: material, design, processing, service conditions
8. Failure Case Study: fuel line
9. Conclusion
10. Q&A session
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