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  • Quickparts® Launches Heat-stable Accura® PEAK™ Stereolithography Resin for Rapid Prototyping (Jul 18, 2011)
    3D Systems has announced that Quickparts® is now offering the Accura® PEAK™ stereolithography material for rapid prototyping. Accura® PEAK™ SLA™ material is an advanced stereolithography resin designed for optimal performance, accuracy and stability during prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures and humidity. It produces rigid and stable parts that can withstand adverse environments.
  • RoG Utilizes Solvay's Zeniva® PEEK for Making FDA-approved High-quality Medical Implants (Jul 18, 2011)
    RoG Sports Medicine Inc., has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for its new RoG Suture Anchor made of Zeniva® polyetheretherketone (PEEK) resin from Solvay Advanced Polymers. Zeniva PEEK part of Solvay's line of Solviva® Biomaterials has a modulus very close to that of bone plus excellent toughness and fatigue resistance.
  • Cereplast & Polimernet Sign Agreement for Distributing Bioplastics to Package Manufacturers in Turkey (Jul 15, 2011)
    Cereplast, Inc., one of the leading manufacturers of proprietary biobased, compostable and sustainable plastics, entered into a distribution agreement with Polimernet Plastik Ltd. ("Polimernet Plastik") to supply Cereplast bioplastic resins to the Turkish market. Under the terms of the agreement, Polimernet Plastik will supply Cereplast Compostables® resin to product and package manufacturers in Turkey.
  • NatureWorks to Commercialize Ingeo M700 Lactide Biopolymer for Industrial Applications by 2013 (Jul 14, 2011)
    NatureWorks LLC has announced that as part of a major capital investment at its Blair, Nebraska, Ingeo™ lactide and biopolymer manufacturing facility, the company will be the world's first to offer in commercial quantities a high-purity, polymer-grade lactide rich in the stereoisomer meso-lactide. Identified as Ingeo M700 lactide, the new material can be used as an intermediate for copolymers.
  • Victrex lntroduces Corrosion-resistant PEEK-based Pipes for Harsh & Demanding Environments (Jul 14, 2011)
    In response to growing market demand for superior performing pipes in harsh and demanding environments, Victrex Polymer Solutions, one of the leaders in high performance polyaryletherketones, has launched its VICTREX Pipes™ product family. Developed to replace the corrosion resistant alloys (CRAs) used to make pipes and piping systems for extraction and transportation in the oil and gas industries.
  • Habasit Launches FDA Approved TPU-based Belts for Food Production & Packaging Applications (Jul 13, 2011)
    Habasit Rossi has extended its high performance range of HabaSYNC timing belts for food production and packaging applications to include a new blue Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) belting solution which is specifically designed for use in wet environments, where humidity, wash down and oily conditions can be found. FDA approved, the HabaSYNC Blue 90 Shore A Polyether TPU timing belt is reinforced with aramide cords to ensure consistent.
  • Tri-Medics Selects Solvay's PPSU to Create Bender Positioning Triangle for Trauma Surgery (Jul 13, 2011)
    Tri-Medics, have unveiled the industry's first fully-adjustable plastic positioning support for orthopaedic trauma surgery. The Bender adjustable positioning triangle, made of Radel® polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) resin from Solvay Advanced Polymers, LLC, a Solvay Specialty Polymers company, offers surgeons a simple and easy-to-use solution that is adjustable, autoclavable, and radiolucent for x-ray use.
  • ACC Reports Polystyrene Foodservice Packaging as Safe to Human Health (Jul 12, 2011)
    The National Toxicology Program has released its Report on Carcinogens, which included the substance styrene. The following statement on the safety of foodservice packaging products made from polystyrene can be attributed to Cal Dooley, CEO of the American Chemistry Council. In addition to its use in making polystyrene, styrene is naturally present in foods such as strawberries, beef, beer, and cinnamon.
  • Casey Container's Biodegradable PET-based Bottles Find Use in Packaging Sector (Jul 12, 2011)
    Casey Container engages in the design and custom manufacture of biodegradable PET, HDPE and other plastic polymer performs bottles and containers. These products are for use in the bottled water, beverage and consumer products industries. The Company offers biodegradable plastics packaging solutions using the science of the EcoPure® additive and technology. Founded in 2010, Casey Container Corp. has their headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • IK Multimedia Introduces iKlip MINI - a Thermoplastic-based Microphone Stand Adapter (Jul 12, 2011)
    After bringing the iKlip for the iPad, IK is proud to announce iKlip MINI: the universal microphone stand adapter for all versions of Apple's iPhone and iPod touch. The iKlip MINI allows easy mounting of the iOS device on a mic stand, pole or tripod making it perfect for use on stage, in the studio, at school or in the office.
  • Johns Manville Builds Manufacturing Facility for Producing EPDM Roofing Products (Jul 12, 2011)
    Johns Manville (JM), a Berkshire Hathaway company and global building products manufacturer, officially broke ground on a new commercial roofing single ply membrane manufacturing facility in Milan, Ohio. The production facility will manufacture Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) roofing products beginning in the second quarter of 2012.
  • MIT Researchers Develop High-performance PET-based Photovoltaic Cells (Jul 12, 2011)
    The resilient solar cells still function even when folded up into a paper airplane. In their paper, the MIT researchers also describe printing a solar cell on a sheet of PET plastic (a thinner version of the material used for soda bottles) and then folding and unfolding it 1,000 times, with no significant loss of performance. By contrast, a commercially produced solar cell on the same material failed after a single folding.
  • NatureWorks to Commercialize Latest Grades of Ingeo™ Biopolymers for Wide Applications by 2013 (Jul 8, 2011)
    NatureWorks LLC has announced, a major capital investment project at its Blair, Neb., manufacturing facility for the production of new grades of high-performance Ingeo™ biopolymers as well as a new generation of lactide intermediates. Samples of the new polymers and lactide intermediates will be available next year with commercial sales commencing by 2013.
  • Sheffield Researchers Select Malvern's Zetasizer to Monitor In Situ Synthesis of Nanocomposites (Jul 8, 2011)
    Prof Steven Armes and his research team in the Department of Chemistry, at The University of Sheffield in the UK, are using a Zetasizer Nano from Malvern Instruments to monitor the rapid and efficient production of nanolatexes. This single instrument can determine both the particle size distribution and also monitor the in situ synthesis of many types of polymer colloids, such as latexes, microgels or colloidal nanocomposite particles.
  • Axion's Recycled Structural Composite Used for Constructions Receives R&D 100 Award 2011 (Jul 7, 2011)
    Axion International, has announced that its Recycled Structural Composite (RSC) technology, specifically its I-beam design, was selected as a winner of the 2011 R&D 100 Award. The I-beam design was used in the construction of several 100% recycled plastic bridges for the US Army at Fort Bragg, NC, designed to allow for the crossing of an M1 Abrams Tank weighing in at approximately 70+ tons.
  • NOVA Chemicals to Built Two PE Assests to Serve Growing Markets in North America (Jul 7, 2011)
    NOVA Chemicals has announced plans for growth of its proprietary polyethylene technology to serve North American markets, which the company is calling "NOVA 2020." As a part of the company's strategy to capitalize on emerging feedstock opportunities and growing North American demand, NOVA Chemicals has begun feasibility and engineering work for the construction of two new polyethylene assets to be located at its sites in Alberta and Ontario.
  • Vaupell Acquires Russell Plastics to Supply Light-weight Composites to Aerospace & Military Markets (Jul 7, 2011)
    Vaupell Holdings, Inc., a supplier of composite plastics products and assemblies serving primarily the aerospace and military markets. The purchase of New York-based Russell Plastics further expands the line of products and services Vaupell offers to their customers with the addition of composite manufacturing capabilities and provides Vaupell expanded access to the rotorcraft and military markets.
  • Andromeda Selects Net Cages Made of Dyneema® Fiber for Maintaining Efficient Aquaculture (Jul 5, 2011)
    Andromeda started using netting made from Dyneema® more than five years ago (2005). Today it has over 80 nets with Dyneema® installed. This accounts for almost 25% of all nets Andromeda uses for sea bream farming. Andromeda is considering using nets with Dyneema® for sea bass as well. Dyneema® fibers are highly impervious to wear and tear.
  • W. Amsler Introduces Flying Head Leak Tester for Producing Plastic Containers for Packaging (Jul 4, 2011)
    W. Amsler Equipment Inc., has extended its line of leak testers with an innovative flying head design which provides high output, flexibility, and tool-free changeovers. The new five-head unit, which runs upto 250 bottles/min, is for plastic containers up to 2-L for beverage, personal-care, consumer goods, and other markets.
  • PolyOne Exhibited Bio-based Solutions for Packaging Sector at BioPlastek 2011 (Jul 1, 2011)
    PolyOne Corporation, has announced that Marcel Dartée, Global Marketing Director, Biosolutions, had presented at the BioPlastek Forum on Bioplastics Today and Tomorrow, held recently at New York's Waldorf Astoria Hotel. During this presentation, PolyOne had highlighted its colorant and additive solutions for biopolymers and the underlying trends that led to their creation.
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