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  • PAEK Producer Victrex Ranked at No. 15 According to Britain's Most Admired Companies Survey (Feb 20, 2014)
    Victrex plc, whose Polymer Solutions division is a specialized manufacturer of PAEK (polyaryletherketone) polymers, has achieved the No.15 position in a survey of the most admired 250 companies in the UK. The survey, "Britain's Most Admired Companies", was conducted by experts in corporate reputation at Birmingham City Business School, part of Birmingham City University and published in the December, 2013 edition of "Management Today".
  • Sigma Installs Two Stretch Film Lines from Gloucester Engineering to Support its Growing Business (Feb 20, 2014)
    One of the leading U.S. stretch film producer Sigma Stretch Film recently installed two stretch film lines from Gloucester Engineering, including a five-layer cast stretch film line to the company's facility in Shelbyville, Kentucky and a five-layer blown stretch film line in Belleville, Ontario Canada. The two production lines will support Sigma's growing business and with the on-time delivery from Gloucester, the Cast film line has been in production since October 2013 and the Blown film line will be in production in early 2014.
  • TOPAS Expands Line of TOPAS 5013 COC Resins for Injection Molding of High-performance Components (Feb 20, 2014)
    TOPAS Advanced Polymers has expanded its line of TOPAS 5013 cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) resins for injection molding of high-performance components for the optical, diagnostic, and microfluidic markets. The new grade, TOPAS 5013L-10, has won strong early acceptance because it features an internal mold release which delivers an exceptional balance of properties and easy processing. The new product features exceptional clarity, high flow, and a heat deflection temperature of 127°C.
  • Cardia Bioplastics Expands Production to Meet Increasing Demand for its Compostable Films & Bags (Feb 19, 2014)
    Cardia Bioplastics Limited, the supplier of Cardia Biohybrid™ and Cardia Compostable resins, films, bags and custom finished products is expanding production to meet increasing demand for its film and bag products. An early entry into the bioplastics sector, Cardia Bioplastics proprietary technology has focused on developing high quality fully certified Compostable and Biohybrid™ films, bags and products at a competitive price point.
  • Saint-Gobain Seals Group Continues to Offer FDA Compliant Rulon® Fluoropolymer-based Medical Soln (Feb 19, 2014)
    Saint-Gobain Seals Group continues to provide sustainable solutions for handheld surgical power tools in the medical and dental fields as a key supplier of Rulon® components in harmonic scalpel surgical tooling. Harmonic scalpels use ultrasonic technology to simultaneously cut and coagulate tissue and are utilized as an alternative to metal scalpels and electro-surgical devices. Benefits of the harmonic scalpel include greater precision, fewer instrument changes, the ability to cut through thicker tissue with more efficiency and an improved field of view due to the reduced amount of smoke created by the system.
  • STAR Introduces StarGrip-X TPEs for Sheet Applications to Protect Expensive Gadgets (Feb 19, 2014)
    When one thinks about "grippy" thermoplastic elastomers, most likely the first thing that comes to mind is grips for items like golf clubs and bicycle handles. New TPE formulations from the laboratories of Star Thermoplastic Alloys & Rubbers, Inc. now guide processors to introduce covers, stubs and wraps that are grippy and protect expensive gadgets. The benefit is the opportunity to improve a wide range of products, from laptops and tablets to stapler bases and laboratory equipment to ensure they remain stationary on just about any surface.
  • Toray Purchases Commercial Land for its Carbon Fiber Composite Material Business Expansion in U.S. (Feb 19, 2014)
    Toray Industries, Inc. recently announced that it purchased an approximately 400 acre (about 1.6 million m2) commercial land for its future business expansion in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, the U.S. Toray Group currently operates a wide range of businesses in the U.S. including fibers and textiles, plastic resins, films, carbon fiber composite materials and water treatment. The country is expected to regain its industrial competitiveness on the back of shale gas/oil revolution and the resulting revival in manufacturing.
  • Bayer at MD&M West 2014: Highlighted PC- & TPU-based Lifesaving Medical Solutions for Healthcare Market (Feb 18, 2014)
    Today, more than ever, people seem to always be on the move ... reluctant to slow down, even when medical treatment is needed. Medical device original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) recognize this by developing products that will help patients get back on their feet more quickly, and by contributing to a better overall quality of life. When seeking materials that can meet their rigorous specifications, OEMs turn to Bayer MaterialScience LLC.
  • Evonik Develops Polymer Tech. to Aid PEBA/EFEP Bonding; Streamlines Catheter Manufacturing Process (Feb 18, 2014)
    Evonik Corporation has developed a new polymer technology which adheres directly to Daikin America, Inc.'s modified fluorinated ethylene-propylene copolymer (EFEP). The complementary properties of the two materials greatly improve catheter quality and reliability while reducing manufacturing costs through co-extrusion. These two material technologies allow for a more efficient manufacturing process, not only creating a very strong bond between the two polymers, but also saving manufacturing costs.
  • Momentive at Strategies in Light: To Unveil LSR Light Diffuser Line for LED's Optical Components & more (Feb 18, 2014)
    At the Strategies in Light show, Feb. 25-27, Momentive Performance Materials Inc. (MPM) will showcase a new liquid silicone rubber (LSR) light diffuser line and additions to the Ultra Clear Silopren* LSR 7000 and SilCool* TIA series. The LSR light diffuser line combines LSR technology with a specialty filler that can enable an even longer life span of optical components in LED lighting, as compared to current technologies.
  • Plastics One Selects Celanese's Riteflex® 640A TPC-ET for Medical Cable and Connector Systems (Feb 18, 2014)
    Riteflex® 640A thermoplastic polyester elastomer (TPC-ET) from Celanese Corporation, a global technology and specialty materials company, is the material of choice for medical cable and connector systems produced by Plastics One Inc. Plastics One uses Riteflex 640A TPC-ET because it provides the right durability and balance of properties required for medical cable and connector systems designed for patient diagnostics and monitoring applications, nerve integrity monitoring, hearing enhancement, and sleep and respiratory studies.
  • Husky at Chinaplas 2014: To Showcase Latest Technologies in Hot Runners & Controllers (Feb 17, 2014)
    Husky Injection Molding Systems recently announced that it will be exhibiting at Chinaplas 2014 (April 23 - 26, Shanghai, China) and will focus on showcasing its latest technologies in hot runners and controllers. Husky recently established its hot runners and controllers business as a strategic priority and is focused on developing innovative products and services that solve customers' key injection molding challenges in areas such as gate quality, balance, ease of use and maintainability.
  • Ricoy Supermercados Selects Cardia Bioplastics' Retail Carrier Bags for Brazilian Market (Feb 17, 2014)
    Cardia Bioplastics Limited continues to expand its retail carrier bag sales in international markets after having been selected as the preferred bag supplier to Ricoy Supermercados in Brazil. Ricoy Supermercados is one of Brazil's largest regional supermarket chains operating 90 stores with more than 8500 employees in Brazil's premier state of São Paulo. Ricoy Supermercados, through its subsidiary Russi Supermercados ordered US$150,000 of Cardia Bioplastics bags over 4 months and successfully validated Cardia's product quality.
  • TOPAS at MD&M West: Showcased Line of COCs for Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry (Feb 17, 2014)
    TOPAS Advanced Polymers showcased its versatile line of cyclic olefin copolymers (COC) for the medical device and diagnostic industry at the 2014 Medical Device and Manufacturing (MD&M) West exhibition February 11-13 in Anaheim, Calif. The company discussed its latest materials and newest applications at its booth in Hall E, Booth 917. TOPAS' unique manufacturing technologies are enabling the development of new COC grades with a range of useful performance capabilities.
  • Abundant Supply of Natural Gas & Overall Positive Economic Trend Contribute to Growth of Plastic Ind.: SPI (Feb 14, 2014)
    The Plastics Industry Trade Association, which represents the nation’s third largest manufacturing industry, supports President Obama’s efforts to create jobs and strengthen the middle class by expanding the economy and negotiating sensible trade agreements. The industry has remained highly competitive by finding innovative solutions and efficiencies, as well as by expanding its international reach to new markets.
  • Corbion Purac, BASF & Others to Define Agenda at the Smithers Rapra’s Biopolymers Symposium 2014 (Feb 13, 2014)
    Smithers Rapra is pleased to announce that Corbion Purac, ecosVC, Green Blue, the Vancouver Aquarium, Unisource Global, BASF and International Paper headline the agenda for the 9th annual Biopolymers Symposium. Biopolymers 2014 will cover current industry drivers; advances in sustainable feedstocks; innovation in resins and monomers; functional non-plastic biopolymers; biopolymers and compostable packaging's role in zero waste; innovations in processing and performance and much more.
  • Graham Uses Agr Intl's Process Pilot® Automated Blowmolder Control System to Produce PET Bottles (Feb 13, 2014)
    Graham Packaging Co. L.P. is meeting challenges of PET bottle production with the help of Agr International’s Process Pilot® Automated Blowmolder Control system, along with the OptiCheck™ vision-based inspection and measurement system. Installed in the blowmolder, the Process Pilot uses a combination of powerful software and high accuracy sensors to proactively manage material distribution throughout the container.
  • Global PC Resin Market to Grow at a CAGR of 7.1% from 2013 to 2018, Predicts MarketsandMarkets (Feb 12, 2014)
    The report “Polycarbonate Resin Market by Applications (Automotive, Consumer, Electrical & Electronic, Medical, Optical Media, Packaging & Sheet & Film) & Geography - Trends & Forecasts to 2018” defines and segments the global polycarbonate resin market with analysis and forecasting of the global revenue and consumption. It also identifies driving and restraining factors for the global polycarbonate resin market with analysis of trends, opportunities, burning issues, winning imperatives.
  • LIFT to Install Gerber’s GERBERcutter® & Laser Ply Layup System to Develop Prototype Products (Feb 11, 2014)
    The Long Island Forum for Technology (LIFT) will install a GERBERcutter® and laser ply layup system from Gerber Technology and its subsidiary, Virtek Vision, in its new Composite Prototyping Center (CPC). The systems will be available to manufacturers to develop prototype products containing composite materials.
  • Toray Plastics Introduces Torayfan® PC5 Metallized BOPP Film for Tri-laminations & Foil Replacement (Feb 11, 2014)
    Toray Plastics (America), Inc., announces to consumer packaged goods manufacturers and packaging converters the introduction of new Torayfan® PC5 metallized BOPP film, a versatile ultra-high oxygen- and moisture- barrier film that can be used in tri-laminations, as a foil replacement, and as an overwrap lamination or wrapper. New Torayfan PC5 high-barrier metallized BOPP, is a durable, cost-effective replacement for foil in a typical paper/PE/foil/PE packaging structure.
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