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  • Illinois Researchers Develop Plastic Materials That Not Only Heal, But Regenerate (Jun 10, 2014)
    Looking at a smooth sheet of plastic in one University of Illinois laboratory, no one would guess that an impact had recently blasted a hole through it. Illinois researchers have developed materials that not only heal, but regenerate. Until now, self-repairing materials could only bond tiny microscopic cracks. The new regenerating materials fill in large cracks and holes by regrowing material.
  • Innovia Films Launches NatureFlex™ 55HK1 Home Compostable Film for Lidding Applications (Jun 10, 2014)
    Innovia Films has launched the first home compostable film designed for lidding applications, NatureFlex™ 55HK1. The new hermetic sealing film has been adopted in Italy for lidding on compostable food service trays used by schools in the Naples municipality. Mr Giovanni Sannino, CEO, at the Italian firm using NatureFlex™ 55HK1, SAGIFI S.p.A, commented, "We believe in delivering excellence to the customer."
  • Integral Continues to Expand Presence in Asia with Hanwha ElectriPlast Manufacturing Line (Jun 10, 2014)
    Integral Technologies, Inc., one among the emerging leaders in hybrid conductive plastics, announced that the management team of its wholly owned subsidiary, ElectriPlast Corp. ("ElectriPlast") recently concluded a 10 day trip to Asia after meeting with its manufacturing partner in Korea, and visiting global automotive Tier 1's and technology companies in China and Japan. The trip was in response to the growing interest brought about from the recent opening of Hanwha L&C's (Hanwha) ElectriPlast manufacturing line.
  • Dow Corning's New Silastic® F-LSRs Offer Processing Efficacy for Fuel-resistant Auto Modules (Jun 9, 2014)
    Building on its breakthrough elastomer technology in fluoro liquid silicone rubber (F-LSR), Dow Corning Corporation — among the global leaders in silicone and silicon-based technology and innovation — is introducing two new Silastic® brand F-LSRs to expand design options and provide processing efficiency for fuel-resistant automotive components. The newest product offerings add 60 and 70 durometer hardness options to a growing family of fully and partially fluorinated liquid silicone rubbers — a portfolio whose size is unmatched by any other fluorosilicone elastomer supplier.
  • Foster Unveils Nano Reinforced, PEBA-based LoPro Plus™ Radiopaque Compounds for Catheters (Jun 9, 2014)
    Foster Corporation, among the leaders in custom polymers for medical devices, introduces LoPro Plus™ radiopaque compounds reinforced with nanoparticles for improved pushability of thin wall catheters. These compounds allow for extrusion of single layer tubes with radiopacity and strength properties equivalent to conventional two layer tubes, in which each layer provides the distinct properties. LoPro Plus reduces material and inventory costs when compared to standard two layer constructions.
  • Global Market Capacity for Engineering Plastics to Reach 25.4 Mn Metric Tons by 2020: GIA (Jun 9, 2014)
    Increasing Consumption in Key End-Use Sectors Drive Demand for Engineering Plastics, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. GIA announces the release of a comprehensive global report on Engineering Plastics markets. Global market for Engineering Plastics is projected to reach 25.4 million metric tons by 2020, driven by sustained economic growth, and expanding applications in key end-use sectors.
  • Celanese at JEC Americas Composites Show: Exhibited Award Winning Composite Applications (Jun 6, 2014)
    Celanese Corporation, a global technology and specialty materials company — and four-time winner of the JEC Americas award for innovative composite applications — exhibited and presented a technical paper at the JEC Americas Composites Show & Conference May 13-15 in Atlanta. "Celanese has a proven track record for developing composites that stand up to the most unique, challenging applications," said Michael Ruby, Celanese global composites business manager.
  • Global Market for Nanocomposites Expected to Grow up to USD 4.2 Bn by 2019: BCC Research (Jun 6, 2014)
    BCC Research reveals in its new report, Global Markets for Nanocomposites, Nanoparticles, Nanoclays and Nanotubes, the global market for nanocomposites is expected to grow to $4.2 billion by 2019, with a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24%. The nanocomposite category is projected to claim the lion's share of the overall market. Recent advances in the production and manipulation of nanometer-scale materials have led to their increased use as fillers in new nanocomposites.
  • Berry Plastics' Nine-layer Film Earns FPA's Silver Award for Technical Innovation (Jun 5, 2014)
    Berry Plastics Group, Inc.'s new nine-layer film for dry food packaging, recently earned the Company a Silver Award for Technical Innovation from the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA). "Designed for the cereal and cracker market, this packaging film represents a significant step forward in materials engineering and property management in this market," explained Greg Gard, Senior Vice President of Technical Innovation for Berry Plastics' Flexible Packaging Division.
  • Biopolymer Market Experiences Huge Growth and Expected to Continue in Near Future: M&M (Jun 4, 2014)
    Biopolymers consist of covalently bonded monomeric units. It can also be defined as a material for which at least a portion of polymer consists of material produced from renewable materials. Based on monomeric units and structure, biopolymers are of three types namely, polynucleotide, polypeptides, and polysaccharides. They are renewable, sustainable, carbon neutral, biodegradable, and compostable.
  • Celanese's XAP® Tech. for Hostaform® POM Aids Automakers to Achieve Low-emission Standards (Jun 4, 2014)
    Celanese Corporation, a global technology and specialty materials company, announced that its proprietary XAP® low-emission technology for Hostaform® acetal copolymer (POM) is helping automakers achieve their global engineering emission standards for molded parts located in a vehicle's interior. "Driven by international legislation, air quality in automobiles is receiving renewed focus.
  • Polymeric Foams' Global Market to Reach 23 Mn Metric Tons by 2020: Global Industry Analysts (Jun 4, 2014)
    GIA announces the release of a comprehensive global report on Polymeric Foams markets. Global market for Polymeric Foams is projected to reach 23 million metric tons by 2020, driven largely by expanding use in a wide range of applications across various end-use industries. Polymer foams are used in disposable packaging for food products, insulation material in buildings, and as cushioning in furniture products.
  • Bayer's Makrofol® ID 332 Superlaser PC Film Meets Demand of Security & ID Card Market (Jun 3, 2014)
    Security and ID cards are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. But incorporating cutting-edge features requires high-performing materials that can meet the market's demanding requirements. Bayer MaterialScience is one of the world's leading suppliers of polycarbonate films for security and ID cards, offering a portfolio of polycarbonate films that addresses the needs of this highly innovative sector.
  • DSC Products Offers Eastman Tritan™ Copolyester-based American Tumbler™ Drinkware Line (Jun 3, 2014)
    When San Diego-based DSC Products developed an American-made, tough product for a major retail partner, it turned to the equally tough Eastman Tritan™ copolyester. DSC Products' high-quality, reasonably priced American Tumbler™ drinkware line is made entirely with Tritan, a new-generation copolyester from Eastman Chemical Company. Tritan offers superior clarity, dishwasher durability and is free of bisphenol A (BPA). DSC Products this month began selling its tumbler line exclusively in Walmart stores throughout the country.
  • SPE Announced Winners of Global Parts Competition During ANTEC® 2014 (Jun 3, 2014)
    The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) announced the winners of its Global Parts Competition during SPE ANTEC® 2014, which took place April 28-May 1 in Las Vegas, NV. The competition, "Plastics for Life," featured submissions by 2013-2014 winners of SPE parts competitions from around the world. Chosen as the Grand Prize winner was a rear door assembly developed by Walter Pack Group for the Renault Twizy electric car. It was also one of the winners in these four categories.
  • Celanese at SPE's AutoEPCON: Discussed Path to Revolutionary Material Innovation (Jun 2, 2014)
    Dr. Ashish K. Kulkarni, chief technology and innovation officer at Celanese Corporation, a global technology and specialty materials company, delivered a keynote address on "Evolutionary vs. Revolutionary Innovation in Materials" during the 9th Annual Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE®) Automotive Engineering Plastics Conference (AutoEPCON) in Troy, Mich. Kulkarni discussed a path to revolutionary material innovation that goes through many evolutionary improvements.
  • Waterloo Hosted Conf. Focusing on Revolution in Chemical Industry & Renewable Resources (Jun 2, 2014)
    The University of Waterloo and Université de Bordeaux began a longer conversation about combining strengths with a joint conference that took place in Waterloo from May 19 to 21. The conference, aimed to showcase research for the two institutions and explore challenges they might take on together, introduced Canada's only Bachelor of Bio-based Chemistry program to be jointly managed by Bordeaux and Waterloo.
  • Amyris Earns Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials' Sustainability Certification (May 30, 2014)
    Amyris has completed the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) certification process and has earned one of the most respected sustainability certifications in the world. Amyris, among the leading renewable products companies, is one of the first commercial-scale second-generation biomaterial producers and is working with a number of partners to deliver products that include renewable fuels and lubricants, high-performance polymers and solvents, and consumer care ingredients such as emollients and fragrance oils.
  • Metabolix Develops PHA Copolymer Technology to Enhance Performance and Versatility of PLA (May 30, 2014)
    Metabolix has developed new proprietary polyhydroxalkanoate (PHA) copolymer technology that extends the range of Mirel™ PHAs, allowing us to serve exciting new opportunities. Metabolix strategy focuses on demonstrating the performance and value that Mirel PHA polymers can bring to target applications. This performance is often characterized by the physical properties of the polymer such as crystallinity and rheology, and by the property enhancements that the PHA can bring to other materials.
  • PLP Installs Two-platen ENGEL duo 7050/720 US Injection Molding Machine at Arkansas Plant (May 30, 2014)
    Supporting work for the energy market, Preformed Line Products (PLP) has invested in a system solution including a two platen ENGEL duo machine equipped ecodrive technology and an ENGEL viper 60 robot. The system has provided PLP with substantial energy savings, a reduction in cycle time and streamlined production. ENGEL North America, member of the ENGEL group, is among the world leaders in the design and manufacture of injection molding machines and parts-handling automation.
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