Chinese University Researchers Develop Plastic-based Solar Cells for Charging Electronic Products

SpecialChem - Jun 9, 2011

Researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong have developed Cu(InGa)Se 2 (CIGS) thin film solar cells with high efficiency and that can be made inexpensively. Led by Prof. Xudong Xiao and Prof. Quan Li of the Department of Physics, the researchers achieved a conversion efficiency of 17% with a CIGS solar cell that is thin and portable. Thin-film solar cells can be installed on roofs and outer walls and can also be integrated into consumer products such as handbags and backpacks for charging electronic products instantly. The development is important for Hong Kong, where about 75% of electricity is generated from coal and natural gas and the remaining 25% is mainly from nuclear energy. It is estimated that 40%...

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