PolyOne Partners Siemens to Create Non-lead Radiation Shielding Components for CT Scanners

SpecialChem - Jun 10, 2011

NEW YORK, USA -- PolyOne Corporation has announced that it has worked together with Siemens Healthcare to develop non-lead radiation shielding components for Siemens' newest line of CT (computed tomography) scanners. PolyOne had displayed the similar components at the MD&M East exhibition held recently. CT Scanner Component Molded from Trilliant™ As a result of the close collaboration among PolyOne, Siemens, and Reiter-HG Geiger, Siemens was able to design and produce components with radiation shielding performance equal to lead while eliminating machining and reducing shielding costs compared to traditional machined metal and lead parts. Trilliant™ Healthcare Radiation Shielding Compound...

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