Dow Introduces OE-6370 - a Silicone Elastomer Encapsulant for LED Industry

SpecialChem - Jun 15, 2011

Dow Corning Electronics Solutions is expanding its portfolio of two-part methyl silicone elastomer encapsulants for LED (light emitting diode) manufacturing with the addition of the Dow Corning® OE-6370 Series Optical Encapsulant. OE-6370M is designed for dispensing, providing lower viscosity and longer pot life, while OE-6370HF is developed for overmolding, with higher viscosity and faster curing. OE-6370 encapsulant excels in areas where conventional methyl silicone elastomer encapsulant materials fall short, offering higher hardness stability; improved low volatility; and higher throughput processing by optimized viscosity and cure profile. Similar to all Dow Corning Optical Encapsulants, LEDs manufactured using OE-6370...

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