FIPA Launches NBR or FDA Compliant Silicone-based Oval Vacuum Cups for Cylindrical Workpieces

SpecialChem - Jun 20, 2011

The right solution for any handling task, FIPA has extended its range of vacuum cups by adding oval vacuum cups for cylindrical workpieces. Oval Vacuum Cups All vacuum cups have the same function in "Pick & Place" technology: Lifting and shifting parts. The vacuum cups used are entirely different depending on the shape, size and material of the objects to be handled, While one type is flat, the other has folds. Yet another type is oval or has supporting ribs. While classic oval vacuum cups are flat and offer only a small attachment area for cylindrical parts, the new vacuum cups feature a sealing face with a three-dimensional, oval shape. The contour of the suction lip partially grips the workpiece...

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