Solarmer Utilizes FlexTech's Flexible Substrate to Enhance Efficiency of its Polymer Solar Cells

SpecialChem - Jun 28, 2011

Organic photovoltaic cells (OPV) are finally becoming competitive with crystalline silicon modules in terms of efficiency, stability, and cost. Over the last few years, efficiency of OPVs has gone from 1%-2% to about 9%. Recently, a project funded by FlexTech Alliance helped boost efficiency to nearly 12% using high-efficiency donor polymer materials developed by Solarmer Energy Inc. This project builds upon previous designs to synthesize a new active layer material in polymer solar cells that delivers improved properties such as low bandgap, appropriate molecular energy levels, good mobility, and excellent processability. Other types of flexible substrates also have the potential to reduce the cost/Watt of solar energy...

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