NS Fashion Selects BASF's E-por® to Produce Multishock & Crack-resistance Safety Helmets

SpecialChem - Jun 29, 2011

BASF's new tough-elastic foam E-por® is now being used in motorcycle safety helmets by NS Fashion, one of the leading suppliers of helmets and cloth caps in Vietnam. Safety Helmets With its high crack-resistance, the foam is an obvious choice for safety cushioning and is therefore well-suited for applications that have to resist multiple impacts. Its additional feature is its ease of processing: E-por® can be transported, stored, processed and recycled like traditional expandable polystyrene (EPS). The material is noted for very good fusion of the surface, excellent resistance to solvents, and an appealing look and feel. Owing to its high crack-resistance, E-por® is multishock-safe and...

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