Conair Makes Available FLX Material-Handling Control System for Plastic Processors

SpecialChem - Aug 10, 2011

The FLX material-handling control system from Conair - developed for plastics processors who want a simple, entry-level material-handling system that can grow with them - is now available in a new larger configuration to serve up to 64 loaders and 20 vacuum conveying pumps. This top-end capacity is double that of the original FLX system. Designed to be affordable and easy to install and expand, a processor could start with an FLX system to manage just 8 loaders and 2 pumps (one primary pump and one back-up pump), and then increase capacity and capabilities in manageable increments when necessary, simply by adding input and output cards. The system can include such high-level functions as multi-source/multi-destination...

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