Mitsui Introduces Syndiotactic Elastomer NOTIO™SN for Wide Applications

SpecialChem - Aug 11, 2011

JAPAN -- Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. announced the launching of a new product, a syndiotactic elastomer NOTIO™SN. The company manufactures and widely distributes elastomers (flexible polymeric materials) for uses which include automotive, packaging, and construction materials. NOTIO™SN is a controlled nano-structure elastomer produced using proprietary metallocene catalyst, whose current manufacturing plant is situated within Ichihara Works. Mitsui Chemicals currently manufactures and distributes an alpha-olefin-based elastomer, NOTIO™PN, which has a crystalline structure controlled in nano-order using characteristics of metallocene catalysts. NOTIO™PN has superior heat resistance, flexibility, and...

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