IPF Implements Objet's VeroClear & ABS-like Material at its Nazeing Office

SpecialChem - Sep 1, 2011

RHEINMUENSTER, Germany -- Objet GmbH, a subsidiary of Objet Ltd., one of the innovation leaders in 3D printing for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing, has announced that IPF, a prototyping service bureau in the UK, has implemented both the Objet clear transparent and ABS-like materials, for use with Objet 3D printers, at its office in Nazeing, just north of London, to great effect. "We're seeing great demand for the new Objet clear transparent (Objet VeroClear) material. We consumed a significant amount of the material during the beta testing just through word-of-mouth leads alone, and we've had substantial new business specifically on the strength of the transparent capability," states Gary Miller, Head of 3D...

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