PTTPE Selects Basell's Lupotech Technology for a new LDPE Plant in Thailand

SpecialChem - Jul 29, 2005

PTT Polyethylene Company Limited (PTTPE) has selected Basell's Lupotech T technology for a new LDPE plant it intends to build in Map Ta Phut in Rayong, Thailand. The plant will have an annual capacity of 300 KT and start-up is planned for the fourth quarter of 2008. "PTTPE's Lupotech T plant will be one of the largest LDPE plants in the world when it is operational in 2008," said Just Jansz, president of Basell's Technology Business, who participated in a signing ceremony in Bangkok, Thailand. "In addition, the Lupotech T process features low manufacturing costs, fast start-up and grade changes, and a high on-stream factor. " Earlier this year, three new Lupotech T plants, each with an annual capacity of 200...

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