Polymer innovations dedicated to High Heat Materials

The High Heat Materials channel of Omnexus is a dedicated online area to High Heat Plastic solutions. By focusing on the latest Polymers and Elastomers available on the market, or to be launched in the coming months you will learn from current:
  • High Heat Plastics offer
  • Plastics Temperature Resistance
  • High Melting Point Polymers
A Solution Gallery is offered to you with a free access to understand effective design solutions like selecting the right high heat plastics to reach the needed part performances. You can also discover the latest polymer innovation among the high melting point plastics, and identify new ways of increasing your part or system life time. In each of the offered Solution Case Studies you can ask for more information or contact an expert to discuss further your challenges in reaching unmet thermal requirements.

An Editorial is regularly uploaded on the High Heat Materials channel of Omnexus. These editorials are written by independent experts, and allow you to have an insight on the latest solutions launched on diverse markets. Industry trends like the latest high melting point plastic announcements, or new ways to increase plastics temperature resistance are screened and detailed.

The High Heat Materials channel is also keeping you up-to-date with the industry news related to thermal requirement challenges like increasing short-term thermal resistance, or managing with high continuous temperature uses. It is also keeping a tight follow-up on any announcements dealing with High Heat Plastics, like PPS, PES, PEEK to name a few. .

Few in-depth articles are uploaded every month on the High Heat Materials channel. These free-access articles allow you to be updated on new applications, latest design solutions, and solutions to address your high temperature challenges. Example given : reducing part weight is a worldwide consciousness within many industries. And selecting high melting point plastic instead of a heavy metal is for sure an effective way of reaching this goal. Thanks to their inherent light density compared to metals, high heat plastics are an efficient material solution. By reducing component count they also offer cost reduction by reducing the number of assembly steps. Manufactured parts or full systems are also taking benefit from the well-known polymer design freedom by adding at no cost new functions.

As for all the Omnexus Channels, the High Heat Materials channel also regularly offers free Technical Webinars detailing a product or a new technology. Within an hour you can so far learn easily, and even ask very specific questions at the end of these online events. Whatever your current challenge is to achieve high temperature resistance, select a high melting point plastic or increase your part thermal performance, you should pay a regular visit to the High Heat Materials channel to stay up-to-date with these innovations.
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