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Effect of MA-SEBS on Impact Fracture Behavior of PP/Wood Fiber Composites

- Dec 9, 2007

Technical Paper - MA-SEBS as compatibilizer and impact modifier was incorporated into PP/WF to enhance interface adhesion and impact strength of the composite. The effect of MA-SEBS content on the impact fracture behavior of PP/WF composites was studied. The impact properties of composites with 8% MA-SEBS reached the maximum value. Further increasing of MA-SEBS content to 10% did not improve the fracture...

Source : Guo, Chui-gen; Wang, Qing-wen. MOE Key Laboratory of Bio-based Material Science and Technology, Northeast Forestry University, Harbin, Peop. Rep. China. Journal of Forestry Research (Harbin, China) (2007), 18(3), 203-207.

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Excellent - Apr 23, 2012
posted by Billy Yang at Chem-Mat Technologies, Inc
Good paper

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