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How to Protect Rubber Against Oxidation, Ozone, Flex, Fatigue and Extractive Media

  Markets: Rubber Products
Polymer: NR, IR, SBR, BR, NBR vulcanizates
Effect: Protection against ozone, oxygen, heat, flex and fatigue

Over the decades, p-phenylene diamines (PPD) have been indispensable for the stabilizaton of vulcanized rubber articles. Their effectiveness and limitations are well known. As end use applications for rubber articles expand, proper protection becomes a critical factor for achieving success in the marketplace.

Traditional Limitations
Traditional PPD antidegradants tend to migrate and can stain. They strongly discolor non-black rubber vulcanizates. Generally amine antidegradants are also soluble in water (in some cases requiring special precautions and environmental labeling). They are volatile and extractable from rubber by different liquids.

Next Generation Antioxidant and Antiozonant
Ciba® IRGAZONE™ 997, a novel p-phenylene diamine, represents a breakthrough antiozonant, antioxidant and antifatigue agent specially designed for rubber applications. IRGAZONE Ô 997 offers unique combination of properties that range from use in harsh and extractive environments to applications requiring food contact clearance. Major features and benefits include:
  • Non-staining, limited discoloration
  • Virtually non-soluble in water and low extractable by acidic water
  • High property retention after contact with extractive fluids
  • Excellent long lasting performance
IRGAZONE™ 997 enables rubber engineers to design rubber parts with combination of properties never seen before.

IRGAZONE™ 997 is Non-staining
The top layer of each sample below contains an aminic antidegradant and the bottom layer is aminic free. The sample on the right shows IRGAZONE Ô 997 will not migrate and does not stain.

Virtually non-soluble in water and almost non-extractable by acidic water
IRGAZONE™ 997 is extraction resistant. Samples below were placed in acidic (3%) water for 7 days at room temperature. Results show little color change in the water containing IRGAZONE 997 ompared to the excessive migration of 6PPD.

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