Solution Case Study

Transparent styrene-acrylic copolymer: a cost-effective
alternative to MABS and PMMA without performance sacrifices

Transparent decorative home furnishings
  • Polymer: CET - styrene-acrylic copolymer (SMMA)
  • Application: Transparent decorative home furnishings
  • Processing: Injection molding

> Key Benefits of CET vs. PMMA and MABS

  • Lower price
  • Clear transparency and high light transmission
  • Equivalent performance profile

The Challenge

You are using acrylic resins or transparent ABS and you need a cost-effective material with an excellent clarity and transparency. Moreover, you do not want to compromise on the temperature and/or the mechanical performance.



The Solution - CET from Resirene

In this case, we recommend you CET, a transparent styrene-acrylic copolymer, a material suitable to design transparent housewares, medical devices, office products, appliance, commercial furniture, cosmetic packaging...

This material combines a performance profile and a temperature range equivalent to acrylic and MABS resins while offering excellent clarity at a lower cost.

  SI units CET PMMA CET Impact
Melt Flow Rate (G - 200°C/5 kg) g/10 min 2,8 7,5 6,5 8
Elongation at break
% 5 5 45 3
Tensile modulus Mpa 3300 - 2000 1800
Notched IZOD impact J/m 16 16 21 276
HDT at 264 psi °C 86 74 70 77
VICAT temperature °C 96 104 72 103
Light Transmission % 90 90 88 -
Table 1: Standard and impact modified CET offers you the possibility to replace your current acrylic resin
and clear ABS to reduce your cost without sacrifices on performance

In addition, switching from acrylic or MABS to CET styrene-acrylic copolymer enables you to:

  • Improve your productivity
    • Produce up to 20% more parts with the same weight of raw material
    • Boost your molding cycles by up to 50% thanks to its styrenic-like processing behavior
    • Reduce your post molding shrinkage
    • Reduce your pigment loadings for water clear colors
  • Reduce your processing cost
    • No prior drying in most cases
    • Lower processing temperature by up to 65°C
    • Less tool wear thanks to less corrosion and abrasion

Already 3 companies chose CET to replace their current acrylic and clear ABS resins:

  • A US company using SMMA was looking for a second source supplier. This company valued the CET quality, equivalent to their existing SMMA, and also the reliable customer service of Resirene. Together, they built a good relationship for more than 7 years.
  • Another US company needed a less expensive resin to replace its clear ABS without sacrificing on performance. Resirene had the opportunity to demonstrate the CET performance and convinced this company. Resirene succeeded in supplying CET grades to replace their MABS.
  • To replace PMMA and reduce their cost, a company approached Resirene to find a cost-effective and clear SMMA alternative. After several tests, they approved CET but also valued the flexibility of Resirene in terms of logistic and finance.

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