Clear Polypropylene

Clear Polypropylene

Video Case Study
Sunware's E-Claire Fresh keepers
made of Clear PP
using Millad® NX8000

Clear Polypropylene Solutions

Sunware's E-Claire Fresh keepers made of Clear PP Millad® NX8000 really stand out from the crowd with eye-catching and ultra-clear appeal look

Watch the video here

For many transparent applications today, traditional glass has been replaced by transparent polymers. These polymers provide design flexibility, easier processing ability, better colorability / decoration, and offer cost savings via light-weighting.

When specifying these polymers, PET, PC, PVC, PMMA, PS or SAN are the first to come to mind.

Now, a new generation of clear PP is available.

This new generation of Clear PP
is a cost-competitive, sustainable solution and delivers higher performance and easier processing versus other transparent materials. Learn more about these benefits today and visit the application gallery for ideas of where Clear PP is already performing!

See more detailed information on polypropylene clarifiers.

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