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  • "I think these kind of seminars are very useful" – Natalia Martinez from Repsolypf
  • "A good way to have a conference" – Lucht Soenke from 7-A ChemSystems GmbH
  • "Very interesting and well carried out presentation! Thank you!" – Nils Sahlstrom from Elkem ASA
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 Webinar: Optimizing Digital Print with PrintRite™ Ink Receptive Technology
Register now to learn how PrintRite™ ink receptive technologies can help you deliver the desired aesthetics, durability and quality in digital print applications.
Webinar length: 90 min  Sign-up now!
Date :Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Eastern Time, USA: 10 a.m.
London Time: 3 p.m.
Paris, Madrid, Rome Time: 4 p.m.
Presenter:Pat Sunderland (Lubrizol Advanced Materials)
 Webinar: Find best-in-class Automotive solutions with Toray product portfolio
One of the fastest moving trends in the automotive industry is improving fuel efficiency while at the same time reducing CO2-emissions. Forward thinking industry professionals are looking for high performing / cost-effective materials which provide, weight reduction improvements, assist with engine downsizing and update electronics. Toray, one of the leading supplier of carbon fiber and PPS resin, is ready to help you tackle these challenges head-on. As one of the world’s biggest Japanese chemical companies, Toray offers a broad range of solutions for the automotive industry.
Webinar length: 90 min  Sign-up now!
Date :Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Eastern Time, USA: 11 a.m.
London Time: 3 p.m.
Paris, Madrid, Rome Time: 4 p.m.
Presenter:Kazuya Okubo (Toray Industries Inc.)
 Webinar: Get superior optical clarity in Lighting applications with Ultra Clear Liquid Silicone Rubber
During this Webinar, our speakers Chris Claussen and Clemens Trumm will present Momentive ultra clear Silopren LSR 7000 series: innovative solutions for optical lighting applications.
Webinar length: 90 min  Sign-up now!
Date :Thursday, November 6, 2014
Eastern Time, USA: 10 a.m.
London Time: 3 p.m.
Paris, Madrid, Rome Time: 4 p.m.
Presenter:Chris Claussen & Clemens Trumm (Momentive Performance Materials)
 Webinar: Optimize fire safety and performance of your optical fiber cables
Fully 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years. Manufacturers of optical fiber are challenged to meet the demand for more and varied types of cable to carry this huge amount of data. At the same time, new regulations in building and construction are increasing the demands on fire safety for many applications, including optical fibers found in residential and commercial structures.
Webinar length: 90 min  Sign-up now!
Date :Thursday, November 13, 2014
Eastern Time, USA: 10 a.m.
London Time: 3 p.m.
Paris, Madrid, Rome Time: 4 p.m.
Presenter:Estelle Cognet (PolyOne Corporation)
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Webinar: Optimizing Digital Print with PrintRite™ Ink Receptive Technology
View Presentation Register now to learn how PrintRite™ ink receptive technologies can help you deliver the desired aesthetics, durability and quality in digital print applications.

Webinar: Effective Heat Sink Designs with Thermally Conductive Plastics (TCP) Containing Boron Nitride
View Presentation Design heat sinks with Thermally Conductive Plastics (TCP) containing Boron Nitride (BN) to meet your requirements!

Lighter and Greener Solution for Automotive Parts with Hyperform® HPR-803i Reinforcement Additive
View Presentation Lighter and greener solution for automotive parts with Hyperform® HPR-803i reinforcement additive with improved scratch performance and increased recycled content in your parts!

Replace Metal & Design Lightweight Automotive parts with CFRTP!
View Presentation Discover the whole potential of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics for Metal Replacement illustrated in success stories

Innovative Thermal Management Solutions with Thermally Conductive Plastics (TCP) Containing Boron Nitride
View Presentation With increasing global trends in miniaturization of electronic systems and weight savings in transportation, designers and material engineers need to find innovative solutions to meet the thermal management requirements of more compact designs.

2K-injection molding using TPE: How you can speed-up your manufacturing process and combine durability with innovative part functionalities!
View Presentation How you can speed-up your manufacturing process and combine durability with innovative part functionalities!

Accelerate the development of High-performance & Lightweight Automotive Parts with Toray's Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics!
View Presentation Accelerate the development of High-performance & Lightweight Automotive Parts with Toray's Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics!

Highly Effective and Innovative Processing Additive SureFlo® Reduce Surface Defects, Flow Problems and Resin Incompatibilities
View Presentation Attend this unique event presented by our expert in plastic processing aids, Aaron Puhala from Flow Polymers, who will share with you his technical knowledge on how Sureflo® provides dual benefits of flow improvement and compatibilization of dis-similar resins

Achieve up to 50% Improvement in PE Barrier Properties and Increase Productivity with the latest advancements in PE Nucleation technology
View Presentation We invite you to participate in our unique event to learn the benefits obtained using the high performance nucleator for Polyethylene Hyperform® HPN-20E. Our expert in PE Nucleation, Greg Burns from Milliken, will share with you his technical knowledge on how Hyperform® HPN-20E can combine significant processing and performance improvements.

Out-licensing Chemicals & Materials technologies with limited resources and in fragmented markets
View Presentation From informal know-how to highly patent-protected intellectual property, every industrial company owns technologies that are more or less formalized. For decades, it has been part of the core business for many large chemical companies to monetize them outside their own walls, putting in place some out-licensing processes. For example, Dow Chemical collects several hundreds of millions of dollars in annual licensing revenues.

Discover the Latest Advancements in Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Technology
Differentiate through Higher Performance and Sensory Enhancements
View Presentation In this online seminar, our experts in Thermoplastic Elastomers technology, Jeff Frankish and Dr. Markus Beitzel from KRAIBURG TPE, will share their technical knowledge on the performance challenges faced in the applications you are working in today, and how their latest TPE innovations help to meet or exceed your performance requirements.

Superior Biocide and Antimicrobial Performance for your Plastic Parts with an Alternative to OBPA
View Presentation Our expert in biocides, Thomas E. Robitaille from Arch Chemicals, Inc.,shared his technical knowledge on how Arch antimicrobials for plastics can:
  • Allow formulators to replace OBPA and comply with regulations
  • Ensure a high and durable level of protection while remaining UV and thermal resistant (with less secondary effect on other components of the plastic formulation)
  • Cover a broad spectrum of antifungal and antibacterial activity

  • Ensure HIGH BONDING STRENGTH in difficult environments for a wide range of substrates types with the new HPA transfer tapes and double coated range
    View Presentation The assembly of high performance end-products often requires the bonding of dissimilar substrates, including low surface energy (LSE) substrates, while withstanding physical and chemical exposure to demanding environments.

    Discover How Advances in Stereolithography Technology and Resins Can Speed up Your Product Development
    View Presentation The following Webinar will focus on the changes in the rapid manufacturing landscape with the advances in stereolithography technology and resin and how it can help accelerate product development cycle from months to days.

    High Heat Materials: Trends and Challenges in Your Market PLUS Potential Solutions to Meet Performance Requirements while Reducing Costs!
    View Presentation The following Webinar will focus on the high level results of our most recent market trend survey – High Heat Materials: the effect of current and upcoming trends on material performance requirements.

    Achieve up to 15% Weight Reduction for your Polypropylene Parts with the new Hyperform® HPR-803i Reinforcement Additive
    View Presentation The following Webinar will present the benefits obtained using Hyperform® HPR-803i reinforcement additive and how it allows polypropylene to enter new applications in automotive, consumer goods, appliance, material handling, furniture and more...

    Styrene Block Copolymer (SBC) for technical textile hot-melt adhesives When "technical" rhymes with "performance"
    View Presentation Technical textile and non-woven ones represent a very broad range of application types, with distinct specific requirements (furniture, automotive interior, carpet, medical dressings, non-woven lamination...).

    How POSS® Chemicals can Enhance Performance and Lead to Cost Savings: POSS® for Thermosets, Coatings, Inks, Adhesives and Dispersion aids
    View Presentation POSS is a drop-in solution to increase your throughput and is used to expand the performance envelope of existing hydrocarbon thermosets, coatings, adhesives and high performance plastics. Dr. Joe Schwab, our POSS expert from Hybrid Plastics, will present through relevant case studies how POSS® provides significant benefits such as Improved hydrophobicity and chemical stability for demanding coatings, adhesives and composite resins and Enhanced flow and dispersion of high performance plastics.

    Polyurethane Spraying System Offers System Cost Savings & Performance Enhancements for Your GRP Parts
    View Presentation Various Multitec® PU spraying technology from Bayer Material Science deliver system cost savings & performance enhancements for GRP Parts used in application like sanitary, transportation, B&C, Leisure goods... Main Benefits include: - Part performance enhancements (stiffness, impact strength, design…) - System cost savings - More efficient process vs. spray-up and hand lay-up - Cleaner technology (styrene and solvent-free)

    Improve Flow & Dispersion of High Temperature Polymers with POSS® without Sacrificing Mechanical Properties or Aesthetics
    View Presentation Recent developments on POSS (Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane) have shown great improvements of the processing properties of a wide range of high temperature polymers.

    This free online event will focus on the benefit of POSS as a unique dispersion agent and flow processing aid.

    New Alternative Nylon Powder for SLS/LS Rapid Manufacturing
    View Presentation How to make cost savings while improving prototypes surface and mechanical performances? This online websemianar presents how the latest generation of nylon powder Innov´PA - developped for all types of SLS/LS machines - allows rapid manufacturers to make cost savings through raw material consumption reduction, increased productivity and better part behavior (injected parts).

    A new solution to produce environmentally friendly products: the first TPU made from renewable source
    View Presentation Our TPU expert, Pablo Alegre from Merquinsa will introduce you to the world’s first* engineering thermoplastic polyurethane made from renewable natural sources. This TPU provide molders and OEMs with a new alternative to petroleum-based resins.

    A revolution in polypropylene transparency
    View Presentation Obtaining the best formulation for production of highly transparent parts is always a question of balance between aesthetic, mechanical performance and cost. Our expert, Reed Walker from Milliken, will introduce you to a brand new additive that delivers previously unattainable levels of clarity for Polypropylene.

    High-Performance Plastics for Healthcare: A Step-by-Step Approach to Material Selection
    View Presentation With the wide range of plastics available today, selecting the material that will best meet the performance requirements for your healthcare application can be a challenge. By attending you will learn how to narrow down your plastic choices with this free one-hour Step-by-Step Material Selection Workshop for Healthcare Applications.

    Enhance your capability to serve fast and cost efficiently the 3C market by integrating Metal and Ceramic Injection Molding
    View Presentation Attend this event and learn how to meet 3C market-specific technical requirements with Catamold Metal Injection Molding (MIM): reliability and design flexibility of stiff-hard metal at optimized cost compared to traditional casting and other MIM processes.

    "Design and processing properties" computer program: a new tool to accelerate part design process
    View Presentation Learn about a new tool developed by BMS and based on a “neural “network: DPP (Design and Processing Properties).

    Entdecken Sie die neuesten Elastomerinnovationen und verbessern Sie Ihre High-End Anwendungen
    View Presentation Jemand sagte die "Welt ist flach" ... aus der TPE Elastomere Perspektive sehen wir sie "grün", "elastisch", "transparent" ... Mit anderen Worten AUFREGEND….

    Improve your process and the outstanding performances of your compounds with the latest innovative ATH Flame Retardant Martinal® LEO
    View Presentation There is a clear need in the market for ATH solutions having limited influence on compounding throughput, extrudability, thermal and electrical performances with minimum compromise on FR performances and cost...

    How to Comply with the Latest RoHS and Other US and EU Regulations
    Choose the Best Flame Retardant for Electric and Electronic Applications
    View Presentation Since July 2006, the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive restricts the use of the certain substances including PBB and PBDE to minimise the environmental impact of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).
    When restrictions are applied on a particular chemical used in flame-retardant systems, then they impact the entire value chain of the industry. Are you sure to be compliant?

    Design & Development of Precision Plastic Gear Transmissions
    View Presentation Join this free one-hour online seminar to learn how to design accurate, high efficiency plastic gears for your demanding applications in the industrial, automotive, consumer, medical, and other performance driven markets.

    Flame retardancy of polycarbonates and blends - material to meet the new regulatory requirements of thermoplastic applications
    View Presentation Flame retardancy of polycarbonates and blends - material to meet the new regulatory requirements of thermoplastic applications

    Kostenloses technisches Seminar: Neue hitzewiderstandsfähige Werkstoffe und Technologien für die Automobilindustrie
    View Presentation Anlässlich des nächsten deutschsprachigen Webinars werden unsere Automobilexperten neue innovative Lösungen präsentieren, die Ihnen eine unnötige Umstellung auf andere Hoch-Temperaturstoffe oder auf nicht wieder verwertbare Multi-Werkstoffe ersparen können.

    Develop Performent PU Flexible Foams and Discover How to comply with New FR Standards
    View Presentation The great advantages of polyurethane foams are their ability to respond to specific requirements for each application, for example in terms of density, elasticity and durability and at prices which make the end products a good price for value.
    During this Webinar you will also discover innovative FR solution designed for Flexible PU Foam and Visco-Elastic Memory Foam.

    Discover a New Generation of Transparent Elastomers Combining Excellent Heat Resistance with Elasticity
    View Presentation An innovative transparent TPO is now commercially available for polymer processors and formulators. Its crystalline and amorphous structure is controlled at the nano-level, allowing for the realization of properties that cannot be achieved with traditional polyolefin elastomers. Join this free live event, and learn in detail about key technical features and improvements of this innovative solution for the development of your application.

    Improved Filler Dispersion for Enhanced Performance of Plastic and Rubber
    View Presentation Learn about the innovative filler dispersion aids based on silane and siloxane technologies especially designed for plastics and rubbers matrix. You will be introduced to the functions and benefits of silane treated fillers such as improved dispersion of pigments & fillers, enhanced mechanical and electrical performance and increased throughput.

    Improved Filler Dispersion for Enhanced Performance of Plastic and Rubber
    View Presentation Learn about the innovative filler dispersion aids based on silane and siloxane technologies especially designed for plastics and rubbers matrix. You will be introduced to the functions and benefits of silane treated fillers such as improved dispersion of pigments & fillers, enhanced mechanical and electrical performance and increased throughput.

    Optimize Manufacturing Cost and Gain in Design Flexibility by switching to Catamold® Metal Injection Molding Technology (MIM)
    View Presentation The Metal Injection Molding Process (MIM) combines the shaping capabilities of thermoplastic polymers during injection molding with the superior mechanical and magnetic properties of the respective steel. This process allows manufacturing net shape metal parts with a high flexibility of design without compromising with costs savings.

    Achieve extreme impact performance & tight dimensional stability with unique ultrafine talc technologies
    View Presentation Impact performance and excellent dimensional stability are key performances you certainly want to reach in your application. Attend this Free Webinar to know more about micronised talcs used as reinforcement in various polymers, from polypropylene based compounds to engineering thermoplastics.

    Bioplastics for High Performance Applications : Breakthrough Innovations in Automotive, E&E, Sports and Consumer Products.
    View Presentation Bioplastics for High Performance Applications : Breakthrough Innovations in Automotive, E&E, Sports and Consumer Products.

    Improve your electrical and mechanical performance with Carbon Nanotubes
    View Presentation A new technology based on Carbon Nanotubes is now available to help you provide unique mechanical, electrical and thermal properties, useful for a wide range of applications for polymers.
    Attend this Free Webinar to improve mechanical and electrical properties for high performance applications.

    New Technology Webinar:
    How to Increase Productivity Gains using a Unique Processing Aid
    View Presentation A new generation of high performance processing aids is now commercially available. By attending this Webinar, you will learn in detail about key technical features and performance benefits of this innovative material.

    Understanding Materials & Requirements for the Information Technology and Electronics& Electrical Industries
    View Presentation Regulatory compliancy, differentiation versus competitors and system cost optimization are probably your main concerns when it comes to material selection. By attending this Web Seminar, you will learn about BAYER's range of Polycarbonate polymers and blends especially designed to fulfill Electronics and IT demanding needs.

    Discover how to improve Polyethylene performance with Vinyl Silane Crosslinking Technology
    View Presentation Do you need to improve the thermal and mechanical performance of your pipes, wires and cables? Then Silane Crosslinked Polyethylene (also referred to as PEX or XLPE) is the solution for you!

    Discover a highly transparent thermoplastic for eye-catching applications
    View Presentation Attend this Webinar and find out how to achieve glass-clear transparency, good toughness and excellent processability in your thermoplastic applications such as blister packaging, displays, food packaging, disposable serviceware & high-end range injection molded parts.

    Increase Design Freedom in Eyewear with the Most Recent Breakthrough in Transparent Polyamide
    View Presentation Eyeglasses frames have become a leading-edge product that meets users’ needs for comfort and fashion trends demands. Bearing this objective in mind, designers and manufacturers go for better performances and new designs, easing at the same time the manufacturing processes.

    Optimize the Flame Retardancy of your Thermosets
    View Presentation Glass reinforced plastics users are spending too much time seeking adequate flame retardants for their specific applications.

    Identifying the optimal flame retardant for your thermoset application, while retaining good processibility and physical properties can be challenging for formulators and end-users.

    Are you are looking for mineral and/or bromine based systems, high thermal stability, or retaining good viscosity? This seminar will overview solutions to help you meet your client's needs.

    Discover the cost benefits of using multifunctional additives for rigid PVC
    View Presentation Synthetic PCCs provides the ability to achieve additional functional behaviour beyond the capability of natural fillers and can often provide a synergistic function when used in combination with other additives, such as impact modifiers.

    Fuel Barrier Applications - Discover New Technologies
    View Presentation New multi-layer structures to save costs in producing fuel lines

    Improve the scratch resistance performance of your automotive parts
    View Presentation Discover new ways to reduce scrap and eliminate the need for protective film for your interior and exterior automotive applications. Meet stringent OEM requirements and improve the appearance of unpainted parts over time. Be able to design cost-attractive, appealing TPO parts.

    Optimize your formulation and production cost by a partial replacement of Carbon Black by Microcrystalline / Multifunctional Talc.
    View Presentation Join our expert, Dr. Gilles MELI from Luzenac, the world leading Talc manufacturer, and learn how Talc provide rubber applications with an interesting set of performances and enhanced process ability as well as cost reduction opportunities.

    Meet new stabilizer system requirements for agricultural films
    View Presentation Discover new ways to increase the durability of your agricultural films while maintaining long-term retention of mechanical properties.

    Key Guidelines to optimize FR performance of halogen free polyolefins applications
    View Presentation Learn about the technical and commercial potential of halogen-free flame retardant systems based on aluminium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide.

    How to meet low FOG/VOC in Flame-Retarded Flexible Polyurethane Foam
    View Presentation Attend this Webinar and interact with our expert Mr. Erick-Jack Gerard. he will demonstrate that, next to its efficient flame-retardance action, Antiblaze TL-10-ST is a powerful tool for foamers to pass stringent FOG/ VOC’s tests like the VDA 278 (automotive) or to obtain the Certipur label (Furnitures).

    A solution to enhance adhesion and crosslinking performances of TPE - TPV’s
    View Presentation Join our Webinar to learn about the interrelationship between silane structure, functionality and processing conditions and how they work together to impact final performance.

    Increase the lifetime of your outdoor flexible PVC applications
    View Presentation Discover solutions to your outdoor flexible PVC application challenges, such as the alteration of mechanical properties and color fade. Understand how to meet the requirements of longer warrenties by increasing the durability of your applications.

    New Material Webinar:
    Ultraflow® PA 6 - Increasing Productivity & Profitability with High Flow / High Performance Resin
    View Presentation New advances in polyamide 6 (PA6) technologies have resulted in an improved flow, fast cycling material, with enhanced surface appearance. Join our expert from DSM Engineering Plastics and learn in detail about key technical and performance benefits this new material brings.

    Innovative Approaches to Design & Application Development
    View Presentation Engineers will learn how to design the product more efficiently. To that end, the following Cost Saving opportunities will be reviewed: Concept Development – functionality assessment Material Candidate Selection – measuring Performance vs. Design vs. Cost Part / Assembly Design – part consolidation & ease of assembly CAE Process – optimizing maximum performance with minimum cost Design Details – thinnest wall with best aesthetics Mold & Injection System Design – cycle and scrap reduction The presentation includes many examples & case studies with Makrolon polycarbonate and blends.

    Free Technical Seminar for LLDPE Blown and Cast Film Processors
    Webinar specifically designed for the Indian Processors
    View Presentation Learn more how polymer Processing Aids your improve your blown film process cost-equation.

    Overcome coloring challenges in rotationally molded plastic parts
    View Presentation Selecting the correct pigments is vital if you want to achieve good results. The wrong pigment can affect durability, mechanical properties and appearance. This Webinar aims to provide you with coloring solutions to overcome challenges such as these.

    Making Stretch Hoods Thinner, Smaller, Faster and Tougher With Styroflex® SBS
    View Presentation Stretch wrap has traditionally been the dominant application for pallet unitization. Shrink hoods have been used for appliance and large part applications, but with a higher cost and slower throughput. New stretch hood technology, which combines the stretch wrap and shrink hood process, can help reduce costs, increase throughput and provide a high clarity solution for pallet unitization...

    View Presentation Reduce Mechanical Failure of Filled or Reinforced Polymers

    HIGH PERFORMANCE THERMOPLASTICS INNOVATIONS - Surgical, Medical & Dental applications
    View Presentation In order to give answers and solutions , SpecialChem's team invites Degussa for an exclusive technical Webinar to present 4 astonishing development results : A brand new thermoplastic that provides a variety of alternatives for numerous end-user medical, surgical and dental applications.

    Colorants for Food Packaging: Meeting the Regulations
    View Presentation Dr.S.G.Lawrence, Head of Global Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs for the Segment Coating Effects, and Chairman of the ETAD Pigments Operating Committee since 2004, will provide you with a deep insight into the international food contact regulations.

    Improve your products by coupling, crosslinking & surface modification
    View Presentation Shawn K. Mealey, Sr. Industry Specialist for Materials Reinforcement applications and silanes, will provide you with insight into the performance you can achieve through the use of silanes. He will use his expertise to give you direction to match solutions to your most challenging applications requirements.

    Advances in Transparent Laser Welding for Plastics: Unprecedented Design and Color Flexibility
    View Presentation The search for more flexible and efficient means for joining plastic parts has led many manufacturers to turn to laser welding. Designers of medical devices, electronics, and consumer appliances are enjoying unprecedented color and design flexibilty thanks to recent advances in the field...

    Discover New Plastic Materials for Healthcare and Diagnostics:
    View Presentation Demanding medical, healthcare and diagnostic devices require materials with exceptional combination of performance: Good impact strength, durability, transparency and resistance to chemicals.

    Find out how today’s top-performing and innovative materials, such as high-performance transparent ABS - MABS -, not only offer outstanding performances which are key in the healthcare market but they also come with an exceptional package of additional guarantees such as the consistency of the resin formulation guaranteed for a period of time, international approvals and design & testing services.

    New Technology Webinar:
    View Presentation More and more companies are finding TPE Overmolding essential for soft touch or enhanced functionality. The trend for soft touch onto applications such as personal care, electronics, power tools, and infant care items continues to grow and evolve. A new trend is emerging to utilize TPEs for the functionality they provide such as vibration/noise damping, barrier, wet grip, living hinge, or impact resistance.

    Food Plastic Packaging Regulations: How to Easily Comply with EU Directive 2002/72/EC
    View Presentation Dr. Luigi Rossi, Principal Administrator of the Health and Consumer Protection DG at the European Commission, has developed this online conference to provide you with a thorough understanding of EU regulations for food plastic packaging and compliance methods.

    What are the current and future regulations you, as a player in the plastic packaging industry, have to comply with?

    How do you prove product compliance when you have no lab facilities, are faced with deadlines from clients and need to keep costs low?

    This event is not to be missed.

    A Current Overview of Epoxy Curing Agents for Composite Applications
    View Presentation Epoxy composites can offer an outstanding balance of strength and durability vs. weight savings. However, selecting the right epoxy curing agent is one of the most critical steps in achieving optimal performance. Our Webinar is designed to provide you with information to help you make the best curing agent choice for your formulation.

    Polyamide Impact Modification- Different Modifiers for Different Toughness Requirements
    View Presentation Find out, how you can efficiently adjust the polyamide impact resistance level according to the final product use.
    Who should attend: Technical and R & D professionals working within the polyamide resin producers and compounders based in Asia.

    Acrylic process aids for PVC : Practical tips to get the most out of their use
    View Presentation Acrylic process aids have been widely used for decades in the production of both rigid and soft PVC. Excessive use of process aids and selection of the wrong molecular weights may however lead to undesirable behaviours ultimately resulting in defects in PVC materials.
    Learn in our 40min technical tutorial how to use & dose the processing aids to avoid some of the common troubleshooting problems and get the most out of their positive effects.

    Optimizing the choice of flame retardant systems / formulations for electronic, building & automotive applications
    View Presentation Resin and compound suppliers to E /E, building and automotive industries are often confronted with very challenging requirements on material processing characteristics , final product performance & aesthetics, environmental and recycling issues.

    Innovative use of precipitated calcium carbonate to improve PVC impact resistance, processing and weatherability
    View Presentation Nanosized precipitated calcium carbonate is a multi-functional material allowing to replace some of the additives used in PVC compounds while providing additional benefits. If you would like to cut costs in the production of PVC compounds and improve its performance at the same time, then our Webinar is definitely worth attending.

    Advantages & Use of TiO2 in Plastics
    View Presentation Learn from one of the most experienced experts in TiO2 technology about the key benefits of TiO2 and performance factors that effect white pigment grade selection for plastic applications.

    Polyamide Impact Modification- Different Modifiers for Different Toughness Requirements
    View Presentation Find out, how you can efficiently adjust the polyamide impact resistance level according to the final product use.
    Who should attend: Technical and R & D professionals working within the polyamide resin producers and compounders.

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